August 18, 2018

Why do employees do what they do? | Why don’t they just do what we tell them?

Newman Human Resources introduces First Line Supervisory Training!


Reward and recognition are among the top motivating factors for employee engagement.

Happy employees are productive employees!

One of the best ways to motivate your staff and to grow your company is by having well trained supervisors and managers.

When you like someone, you will go the extra mile for them


Supervisors and Managers:

They are the “bridge” between management and getting the work done effectively. With the right training, they can also prevent and avoid many day-to-day people issues, saving you time on difficult people issues.


Grow & Leverage your people effectively!

I have found a great program that I’m introducing to my clients, as a further way to grow and leverage your own talent. Led by Andrew Blaikie of the Achievement Centre, I have great respect for his skills and insights. Andrew lights up a room with his passion and authenticity, using personal stories to highlight that we can all get better results in our work and beyond, simply by making manageable incremental improvements His practical suggestions and tools are of great help to leaders and self-leaders alike.


Employee & Organizational Benefits

  • Improved motivation, productivity, and results
  • Improved quality of products and services to customers (internal and external)
  • Better communication, more trust, less stress
  • Reduced conflict and performance problems
  • People embracing responsibility and accountability


Management Benefits

  • Better understanding of employees and how to influence their behaviour
  • More confidence, less stress
  • Improved coaching and communication skills
  • Able to handle greater challenges


Dates:  Participants attend three morning sessions on Sept 26, October 10, October 26; 8:30am till 12:30pm.

Audience:  Frontline leaders, Supervisors, Lead Hands, Managers, Owners etc.

Location: Cambridge Chamber of Commerce, 750 Hespeler Rd, Cambridge, ON N3H 5L8

Pricing: $1,195 per person. Group rates can be arranged if more than one person is attending from an organization.

What is the cost to not having great supervisors and managers?

Feel free to call me personally if you’d like to register your team or need any additional information. We look forward to seeing you there!

Booking: 519-362-8352

Frank Newman, B.A. C.H.R.L., Chief Human Resources Environmentalist

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