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Human Resources for Small Businesses

When dealing with Human Resources issues, all businesses must be compliant with government legislated employment standards, and CRA regulations which can overload the entrepreneur-owner if they try to do it all.

Entrepreneurs are outstanding at their specialty, but may need help with Small Business HR and payroll issues. Whether it’s identifying when hire or add staff, creating job descriptions, or delegating, onboarding, training, and all the rules and paperwork involved, a professional HR Leader can do it efficiently and effectively. There are only 24 hours in the day, and as the saying goes “Do what you do best, hire the rest.”

As an outsourced HR service for small business, Newman Human Resources Consulting will work with an entrepreneur owner, respecting their abilities, creating and putting customized policies and procedures in place with HR Services for Small Business to help run your business properly and efficiently by identifying skills needed and making staffing happen.

Proficient in teambuilding, Newman Human Resources Consulting is able to formulate and facilitate a full program of assessments, team building exercises, and team building activities to grow teamwork skills, as well as create leadership activities for people development to build an enduring small business.

Newman Human Resources provides all of the services available in-house in larger businesses, as and when they are needed by the small business owner.

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