About Newman HR

About Newman HR

Newman Human Resources Consulting provides a complete range of Human Resources Management Services.

Using Newman Human Resources as your HR support, you will reduce costs, increase productivity through future-oriented business diagnosis of human resources issues, with assessments, strategic planning, recruiting, talent management, rewards and change management.

How we can help

With Newman Human Resources as your Human Resources business partner, you will get, practical, pragmatic and humane HR Solutions suited to your business needs, leveraging Frank’s 35 years of experience in HR. Frank and his team of associates can develop HR solutions for any people issue, tailored to your circumstances.

What Differentiates Newman HR Consulting from other HR Companies?

Frank Newman BA, CHRL

Frank Newman is an HR professional who has led significant business change initiatives. He is a Certified Human Resources Leader who has the ability to work top down and on the shop floor simultaneously, creatively developing end to end solutions for people engagement and business success. He builds credibility with internal teams from front line staff to executive level decision makers. With a dual focus on increasing employee engagement and business effectiveness, his work has led to the creation of strong positive business cultures and efficient HR organizations. His extensive experience as both a Human Resources Specialist (Total Rewards, Talent Management), and as a Strategic HR Business Partner, has built his reputation as a trusted problem solver who can diagnose and lead businesses through complex multi-year initiatives, often through challenging business cycles. His innovative and pioneering solutions in staffing, downsizing, and employee policies have been recognized as best practices by industry and the Canadian government. His pioneering work on Compassionate Leave was adapted by the Federal Government as a basis for the Employment Insurance Compassionate Care Leave program. After an extensive career as an HR leader working for some of Canada’s leading employers, Texaco Canada, GlaxoSmithKline and Manulife, he founded Newman Human Resources Consulting Inc. in 2014. With his consulting office located in Cambridge, he is ideally situated to service clients in Guelph, Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo and south-west Ontario.

In addition to his Bachelor’s degree in English from Victoria College from the University of Toronto, he made an investment in life-long learning, becoming a Certified Human Resource Leader now.

To make sure he met the standards and was able to initiate best practices, as a human resource manager he took advantage of industry courses, and those offered by his employers.

As a trusted HR Business Partner and Advisor, Frank has worked in HR with business leaders in Finance, Pharmaceuticals, Semi-Conductors and Oil & Gas on business transformations and change initiatives including start-ups, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, outsourcing and organizational performance improvement.

Positions in Human Resources

Frank has worked in HR positions with increasing responsibilities in human resources, including HR Manager for international corporations in Toronto, Mississauga and as a Human Resources Manager and in positions including HR Director and Assistant Vice President.

He has led teams of HR professionals to support multiple businesses in Canada, US, Mexico, Europe & Asia.

Frank has worked for some of Canada’s best practice employers including:


Newman HR advises and provides business mentorship to:

Frank is an Innovator, with elegant solutions to problems. He didn’t realize one solution would become one of National Importance

Federal Government Compassionate Leave provisions for Employment

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