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HR Services
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In today’s complex employment environment HR tasks require the expertise of a trained professional. But for many businesses, that expertise is only needed on a “now and then” basis… Newman HR services on Demand.


Are Your HR Policies and Procedures Up to Date?

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When it comes to HR services, are you doing it yourself – or doing it TO yourself?

HR tasks require highly trained professionals to be correctly performed. Fortunately, these skills aren’t needed on a daily basis.

Newman Human Resources provides expert ON DEMAND HR services ranging from half-day and interim assignments to extended periods of part-time support. Our most popular services include Recruitment, Performance Management and HR Policy Development to ensure compliance with all government regulations, but for over 30 years we have provided a full range of detailed HR services.

Why Choose HR Services On Demand?

Newman HR Facts:

Newman’s HR is always up-to-date with employment standards and legislation … so you don’t have to be!

Terminations require care, sensitivity, and legal knowledge. Improper handling of a termination can result in a costly wrongful dismissal suit with irreparable damage to your reputation.

HR tasks may not require full time attention, but that doesn’t mean they can be assigned to just anyone.

In today’s complex legal employment environment, you need to be absolutely certain that your documentation is up to date and fully compliant with government regulations, that employee’s legal rights are fully and consistently respected, and that new hires will be carefully vetted and selected in view of the impact they will have on your business in the years to come.

Hiring requires a combination of science, skill and experience.

Newman’s uses best practices recruitment procedures and techniques to consistently find the best available talent. With more than 30+ years of experience… How may we help you today?

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