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For over 20 years, Barry has been building client relationships and direct recruiting mid to senior level management. His search skills include finding high performance individuals and creating partnerships together with his clients, who are some of the strongest companies in the manufacturing/engineering/service arenas.

Value for Money

Our clients often express concerns about the high cost of executive search. Barry’s model is highly cost effective and identifies higher qualified candidates. Other Executive search firms often work on a commission in the 18 – 25% range of base salary for each successful placement, some even 30%. Predominantly they work on a contingency basis, meaning they are paid contingent upon them successfully filling a position. Consequently, lower commissioned or difficult, time consuming placements are neglected in favour of high salaried or easier to fill placements.

Connors & Associates Executive Search

Barry’s approach is unique since he actually headhunts to fill your available positions.

He uses a headhunting methodology drastically reducing the placement cycle, expanding the pool of qualified and vetted candidates at less than half the cost ensuring that those presented are properly qualified and of the highest quality.

Here’s a brief summary of his unique fee structure.


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