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I am delighted to announce the Newman HR Consulting Inc. is now an Accredited Professional with Great Place to Work, the Global Authority on Workplace Culture.

Great Place to Work® makes it easy to survey your employees, uncover actionable insights and get recognized for your great company culture.

It Pays to be Great Place to Work Certified™

Grow Your Bottom Line

A healthy culture means a financial advantage in a competitive marketplace. Certification tells investors, candidates and vendors that you’re a safe bet.

Increased Innovation

Companies that build an Innovation By All  (IBA) culture generate more high-quality ideas, realize greater speed in implementation, and achieve greater agility—resulting in 5.5 times the revenue growth of peers with a less inclusive approach to innovation

Attract Top Talent

It is easier to recruit new employees when you have been certified as a great place to work. We have also found retention is higher at high-trust organizations.

Know What’s Working

Assess and benchmark your culture against the world’s most successful companies. Our data identifies opportunity areas and provides a roadmap for how to improve – all in metrics that are easy to understand.

Earn National Acclaim

Great Place to Work Certified companies have a chance to steal the spotlight by ranking on one of our many Best Workplaces lists including the national list of Best Workplaces in Canada published with The Globe and Mail.

Grow Your Brand

Brand yourself as a company that cares and wins customers’ attention and loyalty. Certification gives you the marketing resources to build brand recognition and the actionable insights to drive real business results.

Optimize Your Organizational Culture

better performance, greater satisfaction
not just a smile survey.

Deliberately managing culture is a powerful force in enabling your strategy to thrive, people to deliver, and results to flourish.

Newman HR’s team of experts has been creating great organizations for the past 40 years.  Use our experience to take your company to a new level of performance.

As an Accredited Professional, we are trained on the Great Place to Work® methodology, the globally recognized gold standard for measuring trust and driving culture in business environments.

Accredited Professionals master the analysis of Trust Index® survey data, identifying key drivers and actionable insights that leverage the employee experience to drive business results. Accredited Professionals use data and rigorous methodology to formulate strategies that improve business performance, build a healthy culture and help clients meet their Employer of Choice goals.


Whether you’re a new business or well-established, Best Place to Work will provide you insights into your culture and workplace that can have a profound impact on your ability to recruit, grow, and be recognized in this highly  competitive market.

You’ll be amazed at how simple it is to get started.

How it works

Great Place to Work Certification leverages 30 years of research to quantify the current state of your workplace culture and show you how it compares to the best organizations.


Survey your Employees

Select a 2-week period to launch the Trust Index©, our research-backed employee survey.


Complete Culture Brief

Provide details about your company’s programs and practices on our Culture Brief.


Get Certified

Meet our benchmark for Certification and you’ll be eligible for more than a dozen additional recognition opportunities.

Contact us today to learn how you can turn your organization's culture into a competitive advantage.