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August 24, 2023

Where’s waldo? Challenges in recruiting great employees

Many of our clients have expressed deep frustration about finding qualified candidates for positions in engineering, health care and skilled trades. Due to a shortage of local skilled labor, it’s taking longer to fill these positions. 

To help unlock this skill challenge, Newman HR has partnered with Bestow Immigration Services. They are a team of dedicated Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) committed to providing exceptional immigration services and personalized guidance to candidates and employers.

Bestow Immigration is a highly competent immigration consultancy firm located in Woodstock, Ontario. Founded and ran by John Masih – a well-qualified RCIC – Bestow Immigration has successfully made many dreams and aspirations of immigration – belonging to numerous candidates all over the globe – come true. Bestow Immigration promises their clients (employers) to take the best care of their employment needs by preparing and presenting the best candidates to fulfill the vacant positions – when locals are not available – on their workforce; simultaneously contributing to Canada’s economy and ethnic diversity. As for our other portion of clients, i.e. international skilled applicants, Bestow Immigration consistently and transparently communicates with each one and carefully handles each applicant’s files and supporting documents; connecting them with occupations that are best suited to the applicant’s abilities.
Using their services, we can enable you to hire candidates with the following skills:

  • Engineering – CNC Operators, CNC Programmers, IT Professionals, Mechanical Professionals etc.
  • Skill Trades – Welders, Carpenters, Plumbers, Fabricators, General Labor
  • Agriculture & Dairy Work – Farm Machinery Operator, Farm Supervisor, Farm Worker
  • Health Care – PSW, Registered Nurses.
  • Hospitality – Cook, Chef, Food Counter Attendants/Servers, Kitchen helpers etc.
  • Administrative – Office, Bookkeepers, HR Personnel

A Glance into our International Worker Hiring ProcessFaster, Streamlined Recruitment Process 

The process for hiring has recently been streamlined by the Canadian Government to reduce the time it takes to post and hire candidates from out-of-country. As a result, we can fill roles more quickly with qualified staff. Using our partners at Bestow Immigration services, they have ready access to talent and can ensure a smooth hiring process.

High Quality Candidates

As soon as we get the requirement checklist from our employer, our first task is to find local individuals to be hired. After that is when we will look for people from overseas and assess their talents and match them with the best employer.

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How the process works:


  1. Analyze the employer’s needs in their potential employees
  2. Assess the employer’s eligibility
  3. Identify the existing candidates that check the employer’s list of needs and requirements
  4. If the candidate is inland and allowed to work, send them to the employer for an interview
  5. If any local candidates that check the requirements are not available, advertise the job on 3-4 different job portals, including 1 mandatory job bank
  6. Monitor the job advertisement and attempt to look for local candidates 
  7. If unable to find local candidates, commence the process of hiring TFWs.
  8. Once the interview is done, hand offer letters to the TFW
  9. Apply for LMIA and once approved, apply for work permit (Generally, a work permit is valid for 2-3 years, the validity of which can be extended if required)
  10. Once the candidate obtains a work permit, they will be eligible to emigrate from their home country and begin to work in Canada for their employer.

Employer Benefits

There are many benefits to the employer of hiring a TFW:

  1. Sustainable, long- term staff, not hunting for the next job
  2. Enhancement of diversity in the workplace
  3. More inclusive = more appeal to different market segments
  4. Improved corporate image
  5. New talents and skills to one’s avail
  6. Breadth of experience, bigger variety of human resources at hand
  7. Improved ability to adapt to new elements in the workplace
  8. Improved access to international markets; better global relations
  9. Skill transferability

Employee Benefits

Equally, there are many benefits to the employee of being employed as a TFW:

  1. Stable job
  2. Opportunity to prove talent in different environments
  3. Chance to settle in a developed country with larger scope for growth
  4. Better standard of life
  5. Economic benefits, higher salary, etc.
  6. Chance to become a Permanent Resident of Canada and eventually a valuable citizen

As a team of recruitment AND immigration experts, we commence the process of recruitment and immigration simultaneously. Before introducing the internationally educated worker to the employer, we firstly check the employer’s eligibility to check if they are qualified to hire a temporary foreign worker or not. Once it is confirmed that they are, we begin to introduce them to internationally educated individuals belonging to different fields of work.

A PERSONAL NOTE – My Immigration Story

I wanted to share some insights into my family’s immigrant background. My father, Edward Newman, came to Canada as an immigrant from the UK in 1951.   He was 30 years old and had survived 4 years in a Japanese Prison of War camp during the war.  Returning home to England after the war, he found a depressed economy with limited opportunities to own his own house and prosper.  Despite opportunities in Australia and South Africa, he decided to immigrate to Canada.  Here, he found a stable job as a linotype operator, bought a house and raised a family.  He was forever grateful to this country and incredibly proud of his two Canadian-born sons.

I look forward to working with our partners at Bestow Immigration Services and our clients, to provide rewarding opportunities for immigrants while supporting our client’s businesses achieve success.

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