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March 3, 2023

What’s new in the work of work?  Revenge has its place!

It’s hard to keep up with the unending twists, turns and unexpected spirals in the world of work these days.  In case you missed it, the latest trend is “rage applying” where employees are so upset with their job that they bomb the job boards like Indeed and Monster with applications, taking out their revenge on their current employer for issues and grievances that they’ve tolerated in the past.   Smart employers are taking advice from our old friend Elmer the Safety Elephant –  Stop, Look and Listen, as they stay attuned to their employees. 

The debate on the hybrid work model is in full swing as some employers seek to have everyone back in the office, while others are creating hybrid work-from-home, or work-from anywhere models.  Over the coming years, consultants will argue over which approach leads to greater profit and growth.  The jury is still out.

In the attached article in the Guelph Mercury, my colleague Wayne Greenway and I share our perspectives on what’s happening and how to survive and thrive in these unusual times.

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