June 7, 2021

Stop, Look & Listen

Elmer the Safety ElephantWhen I was in public school, we had a safety campaign lead by Elmer the Safety Elephant through the Canada Safety Council.  The key message he taught me about street safety was “Stop, Look, and Listen”.  I must have listened well since I have remembered it all these years.

Events of the last year have caused dramatic changes to business and as we evolve into another further  COVID-19 season, it’s a great time to remember Elmer’s messages.

Many of my clients are using this time to assess where they are, and where they’re going.  Most importantly, they’re taking the time to listen to their employees.  We’re doing a number of organizational surveys to assess how companies can reduce turnover and increase employee engagement.

One of my clients, Planit Measuring in Oakville, has just been certified as a Great Place to Work in Canada.  We went through a rigorous process to achieve this certification.  The process and the insights it has provided will enable them to continue to attract great talent and acknowledges the talents of their leaders and staff.  Please let us know if you’d like to learn more about this process and how it can help your company.

Speaking Frankly TIP

Are you prepared for the Post-COVID Talent Migration Post COVID?  Many experts are predicting a massive talent migration once the lock down and stay at home orders end.  Many employees are re-evaluating their careers and their workplaces, but may be reluctant to make a move during these uncertain times.  They’re predicting a massive talent migration as businesses come back on line and physical distancing ends.   Now is the time to secure your top talent before the talent market takes off.

Finding opportunities to listen to your employees now can produce amazing insights.  Just the fact that you want to listen sends a vital message that says “management cares”.

Finding opportunities to listen doesn’t have to be complex or expensive.  It’s even more important in our virtual world.  Here’s some ideas that work:

Physical Workplace:

  • Be visible – even with a mask
  • Walk the shop floor regularly.
  • Check in on our staff

Virtual Workplace:

  • Arrange for “Fireside Chats” – informal meetings with leaders to simply connect and share.
  • Ask for feedback regularly in 1:1 discussions
  • Send tangible items like hats, coffee mugs, or even simple paper “thank you” cards.

Finally, being authentic is helpful.  We’re all human. Let your team know how you’re doing too.  Making that connection will increase engagement and openness.  You’ll never know what you don’t know.

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