August 18, 2021

New Team Member – Brian Bourke

I am delighted to announce that Brian Bourke, broadcaster, journalist and story teller, will be joining our associate team at Newman Human Resources Consulting.

Brian brings a set of unique skills and experiences to our team to coach and support businesses in their communications planning, development and messaging.

Storytelling is an art and having the right message, style and content enables businesses to connect with clients in an authentic and meaningful way.  He specializes in training leaders and professionals in both physical speaking style, and editorial direction to make your story timely and compelling.  He is also available to support businesses manage public relations crisis.

Brian’s more than 30 years of experience as a broadcaster, journalist, and story teller is evident in his multi-faceted career.   He has provided story-telling consulting across a wide variety of clients, from real estate to tax preparation. 

Brian’s has experience across political lines as a consultant, as well as personal experience as an elected City of Waterloo Councillor.  He is a member of the Grant Review Team, Ontario Trillium Foundation.  His contributions to our community have been recognized as a recipient of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for Community Service and the Ontario Association of Broadcasters Community Service Award.

Having worked with Brian on several communications projects, I know from personal experience that his insights and practical solutions enable businesses to engage audiences at a much deeper level.  In an age where we are bombarded with messages, having the right focus and technique will ensure your message is heard and received.

Brian can also be heard regularly on the Brian Bourke show on 570 Kitchener radio. We look forward to introducing Brian to our clients.

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