October 11, 2019

Growing our Team – Bruce Craig, Prosci/ADKAR Change Management

We are constantly looking for great talent, both for our clients and also to work with us as partners at Newman HR Consulting.

I am delighted to announce that Bruce Craig has joined our team as a Senior Consultant.

Bruce is a Prosci/ADKAR certified Change Management professional who has advised and assisted dozens of small and medium sized companies over the past 30 years. His strength is resolving complex people challenges – the kinds of issues that arise when resistance to change starts slowing down projects or when tensions need resolved before they become disruptive. He has trained leaders, coached internal change leads, presented at conferences and worked with project teams to increase the effectiveness and speed of change implementation.

His goal is always to build the capacity of each organization he works with, ensuring they become more resilient and better able to excel in a climate where change is not an event but a way of life. His innovative approach included developing in house change leads, using an agile, responsive planning cycle, building networks of change champions and turning resistance to readiness by going beneath behaviour to understand the core beliefs driving behaviour.

Working as a senior advisor and change lead he has helped many organizations implement small and large-scale changes including: Copper-Weld Canada, Wrigley Canada, Tremco Canada, CIBC, Intria, Agricorp, Humber College, Shell Canada, community service organizations and the Ontario Government.

Bruce’s addition to the team enhances our change management capabilities. This is invaluable for projects where the adoption of a change is critical to your business. Bruce can help take the strass out of Change and ensure you are reaping the benefits you need. Some of the changes Bruce can help with include:

  • Organizational restructuring
  • Implementing or upgrading Management Systems
  • Buying and merging two business
  • Introducing new programs and services,
  • Shifting your culture

Newman HR Consulting provides a wide range of HR services to businesses which don’t have their own HR departments. We support our clients with recruiting, performance management, compensation, work place investigations and government compliance services.

We pride ourselves on our diverse range of clients, in for profit and not-for profit sectors. They include manufacturing, professional services (dental, hearing, vets, lawyers, accounting), IT, trucking, airline, watersports, farm equipment, school boards, charities, musicians and magicians.

You can meet Bruce in person at our booth at the Business Expo at Bingemans on October 16th. Bruce and Frank will also be co-presenting on Communications for Project Managers, at Horizon Quest in Fergus on November 28th. https://greaterkwchamber.com/networking-events/annual-premier-events/business-expo/

Bruce can be reached at 905-616-7883 

LinkedIn Page: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brucedcraig/

Website: www.changemanagementsolutions.ca

We look forward to connecting with you soon.

Bruce Craig

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