August 23, 2020

Equity In the Workplace – A Time to Listen and Learn

Frank Newman will be speaking at the  National  Talent Management Summit

September 25, 2020, 11am – 3pm ET 

In the current era of social unrest as driven by health and racial upheaval, effective Talent Management practices in organizations of all sizes and types are paramount. Come prepared to network, learn, and return to your virtual or physical workplace with enriched perspectives on how to implement effective practices that build Equity in your workplace. This event runs for half-day. It is designed to help Corporate Talent Management and other business leaders learn about best-practices that build leadership capabilities which sustain equity in workplaces.

Sponsored by the Canadian HR Academy, they have brought together a powerful group of accomplished business leaders who are able to provide industry-leading perspectives on the conference’s theme of ‘Building Equity in the Workplace’.

Panel #1: Pressing reset on the organizational culture button

The event will be moderated by Caroline Power, President & CEO of Canadian HR Solutions.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER:  Mr. Hamlin Grange, President and Principal Consultant, Diversipro Inc.

Ø  Dr. Bill Howatt, President and Founder, Howatt HR

Ø  Ms. LeAnne Thorfinnson, Head of Human Resources, Visa Canada

Ø  Ms. Tanya Sinclair, Chief Human Resources Officer, Artscape


Ø  Ms. Deborah Elam, President & CEO Corporate Playbook (former Chief Diversity Officer, GE)

Ø  Ms. Lisa Salley, Vice President, American Petroleum Institute (former GE Executive)

Ø  Mr. Frank Newman, President & Founder, Newman Human Resources Consulting Inc.

National Talent Management Summit

September 25, 2020, 11am - 3pm ET

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