September 11, 2019

Back to School Human Resources Sale

Top 5 Recommendations for Human Resource Fall Planning

Just like shopping for back to school clothes and supplies for your kids, don’t you wish you could have a “back to school” sale for Human Resources? Imagine….


  • You’d go through the aisles and pick up all the newest, well trained employees, with the latest skills.
  • You’d sort through the book racks for the most current HR policies and training manuals.
  • You’d go through the checkout and scan your new employees for the best comparable salaries.
  • Finally as you leave the store, you’d go to customer service and return any employees that were not performing and get your money back or a credit for another replacement employee.
    Sounds like a fantasy? We can make this a reality for you. The fall is a perfect time to be thinking about your Human Resource needs.
  • As you approach year-end, you want to have the right team in place to deliver your numbers.
  • As summer ends and employees have finished their vacations, there are more people on the market looking for new opportunities.
  • If you’re planning year-end salary reviews, you’ll want to know what’s happening now in the market with salaries and compensation.

Here’s our Top 5 recommendations for Fall HR Planning:


1) Performance Reviews

Set dates for year-end performance reviews; ensuring adequate time for employees and managers to conduct reviews. Too often, these important discussions can get overlooked at year-end, or sandwiched between other meetings – you don’t want to miss this opportunity to have great dialogue with your teams.

2) Talent Reviews

Conduct talent discussions with managers to identify your top talent (so you can keep them) and develop coaching/exit plans for weaker performers. Hold managers accountable for developing, coaching, and managing their staff for maximum performance.

3) Salary Reviews

Check your budget for year-end salary adjustments and review market trends. Use your talent and performance reviews to differentiate performance, especially for your performance “stars”. It’s a tight market for recruitment and your competitors often know who they would like to steal. Don’t let inadequate compensation recognition become a trigger to leave.

4) Align Recruiting Activities

Ensure you have your 2020 recruiting needs identified early so you can hit the ground running with the right team. If you have new requirements, can you redeploy or grow your existing staff into those roles, or will you go to the external market? Allow adequate time for the recruitment process.

5) Policy Reviews & Refresher Training

This is an ideal time to review your HR policies to refresh any outdated practices or to address issues that are causing concerns (attendance, time management, etc.). You may want to schedule refresher training on key policies, for example, internet usage, or Health & Safety.

Newman HR isn’t having a back to school HR sale, but we do offer a one hour free consultation on any people issues to help with your fall people activities, or any other questions you may have.

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Now it’s time to sharpen all those pencils!

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