May 24, 2022

Is your disengagement policy ready in time for Bill 27?

Under Bill 27, Act for Workers, companies with over 25 employees are required to develop policies to “disengage staff from working after normal hours by June 2nd.  

The bill contains several requirements, the first two of which are particularly important for many of our clients:

1) Giving Employees the “right to disconnect”.   Employers with 25 staff or more will need to have a written policy in place concerning employees disconnecting from their job at the end of the day. 

2) Removing non-competition clauses from employment agreements.   These clauses are designed to restrict former employees from working for or doing business with competitors of their former employer’s business.

5 Tips to Turn Disengage into Engage

  1. Define expectations for your staff – what works for them, how can you help them with their work/life balance?
  2. Use technology to communicate expectations through signature lines, schedulin when emails can be sent and read
  3. Health & Wellness – explore programs to support health & wellness – consider lunch ‘n learn sessions, introduce Yoga classes, even learning to breath can make a difference
  4. Review benefits plans for Employee Assistance programs as well as coverage for Mental Health
  5. Review best time management practices – our inefficiencies can cause us to work longer, not smarter.

In a recent interview with the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce, I discussed how the Act for Workers, Bill 27, with its requirements to “disengage” employees from work provides an opportunity for companies to connect and engage in real discussions with staff.  The implications of this Act can open a Pandora’s box of issues, involving mental health, time management, work schedules and performance expectations.  The solutions you develop will have a profound impact on your company’s culture and performance.  

Less than 25 Employees?

Many of our clients have less than 25 employees, but it still makes good business sense to have these policies in place – you’ll be seen as a progressive employer by your current employees, you’ll be able to attract great talent, and you’ll have everything in place when you cross the 25 employee threshold.  

Help is at your fingertips

My team are developing innovative and comprehensive approaches to managing this.  Feel free to reach out to us for a free consultation so we can develop your solution.    

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