Newman HR Consulting

June 15, 2021

Are you ready for all the people issues and opportunities with re-opening?

Free E-learning Session through the Ontario Small Business Centres

Successful reentries take careful planning, and this presentation will provide you with a flight checklist to ensure your teams success!

Just as astronauts and their flight teams have to prepare for reentry into earth’s atmosphere, we have to prepare to welcome our staff back into our workplaces over the coming weeks.

As with any re-entry, we need to be aware of the mental and physical challenges facing our teams. Miscommunication, misunderstandings, and unclear expectations can result in aborted landings, or missing our landing targets. We have to ensure that the people and the physical systems work together to deliver “Mission Possible”.  Successful reentries take careful planning and this presentation will provide you with a flight checklist to ensure that your teams successfully get back to work.

I’m honoured to be invited to present this through the Small Business Centres of Ontario on June 29th.  This session is FREE to the public. 

In this 90 minute session, I’ll discuss:

  • Challenges upon return – what should you be doing to ensure everyone is safe? Working conditions? Vaccine protocols? Can I force someone back to work?
  • How do you continue to keep them engaged? Best leadership skills? What policies will you need for the future?
  • How do you continue to attract talent in this post-COVD era. How to find great talent? How will your company stand out in the market?

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