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October 23, 2019

Achieving Success in Project Management Communications

Project Management is now as essential a skill as opening an email. More work today is being done in project formats than ever. We’re used to project management for large projects where time, budget and schedule is crucial, but we’re now seeing projects being managed on a smaller scale, for example, to implement a new sales model or to introduce a time recording system for employees.


Managing a project, regardless of size, has multiple challenges for the project manager – most often through dealing with people.


As a project manager, you may be dealing with staff who don’t report to you; they may not believe in the project, or even understand why it is happening. They may not be motivated since they still have their day job to deliver, or they may simply be fearful or skeptical of the change. You might have to work with a team of independent subject matter experts who are not used to working together. There may be difficult department territorial issues to be navigated. You might have an indifferent project sponsor, or even worse a non-supportive project sponsor (i.e. – my boss told me to implement this).


Achieving success will ultimately be dependent on your communications skills – you’ll need to master the following:

  • People Leadership – how to engage, connect and motivate
  • Change Management – understand the change cycle for individuals
  • Overcoming resistance – identifying and reducing concerns from stakeholders
  • Building and coaching your team – keeping your project team together through thick and thin
  • Managing Virtual Teams – overcoming the lack of physical connectivity

On Friday, January 17th, my colleague Bruce Craig and I will be facilitating a training session to cover these topics. In four hours, we will provide you with an understanding of the issues you will face, along with practical tips and tools to enable you to run a simple or complex project, either within or external to your company.


Horizon Quest, Fergus
1-265 Bridge Street, Fergus, Ontario


9am – 1pm

This session will benefit new or seasoned project managers as well as other team leaders who want to achieve more results through advanced communications skills.


Because this session is open to the public, we are making seats available for $69, plus HST. For full details, please see the attached poster, or to register please go to

Download the event poster:

Communication for Project Managers Nov 29 2019 (PDF 511KB)


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